Blue Note Napa

House Seating Policy

  • Tickets are priced per person.
  • All seating has first-come, first-choice in the purchased section.
  • Pairs are seated opposite one another, except at the High Bar or Side Bar sections. 
  • 2 Drink minimum per person (coffee/sodas/mocktails), when not ordering food.
  • Ages 8 + unless otherwise specified.
  • No Infants.
  • Tickets are emailed 48 hours PRIOR TO SHOWTIME via TicketWeb. 
  • Arrive 30-45 mins prior to door time for optimal choice of seating.


  • There are four 4-Person booths and two 6-Person booths.
  • Booth for 4: Requires 4 seats to be purchased. (dark green)
  • Booth for 5 or 6: Requires 5 or 6 seats to be purchased. (light green) 

Standard Seating

  • High Bar: Great view! Bestselling seats. Tall chairs with padded seats, sat side by side (bright blue)
  • Floor Tables: Table Seating on the floor. Pairs are sat opposite each other (dark blue)
  • Center Platform: Elevated viewing section with good sight lines. Tall table & Chair seating. Pairs sat opposite each other (light blue)
  • ADA Floor Table: for those that require accessible seating. Companions purchase Floor Table. (dark blue)

Side Seating

  • Rear Bar and Side Bar: Tall chairs with padded seats, sat side by side (red)
  • Side Stage: Stage level table seating. Pairs are sat opposite each other. (purple)

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