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Dinner at: 2:30PM
Doors Open at

n/a $24.50

"Ms. Kayo Kiraki has established herself in Japan as a versatile jazz composer, arranger and player who brings her own distinctive interpretation to this great music. She brings a Japanese approach to our American idiom which deepens the purity of the melody and harmonic intentions."
- Margo Nash, writer for NJ Weekly

Kayo Hiraki, piano & vocals
Pat O’Leary, bass
Matt Crawford, drums
Nick Hempton, alto sax
Ryo Sasaki, trumpet

Jazz pianist Kayo Hiraki was born in Japan. The daughter of a classical pianist, she started playing the piano when she was three years old and the violin a year later. Soon she was giving concerts and became known as a child prodigy.

At 18, Kayo attended Kunitachi Music College, Japan's equivalent to the Juilliard School in New York. She received a degree as a music educator and after graduation embarked on a career as a composer, arranger, and working working musician, playing piano, organ, and synthesizers.

She became well known in Japan after winning a series of competitions, including the YAMAHA electric organ competition Silver Award in 1985, given for excellence in technique and musical arrangement. This prestigiou award qualified Kayo to lead YAMAHA workshops for music teachers and to become an examiner for the YAMAHA Music Grade system.

In 1998, she recorded "I Miss You" with her piano trio. She wrote half the songs on the album which was widely praised by critics in Japan for the gentle touch she brought to Western jazz music. And Recently, legendary bassist Ron Carter said that "Rarely have I heard a musician as gifted as Ms. Hiraki. To hear her play is to experience the joy of her creative ability and depht of her experience as a talented performer."

Kayo has been establishing herself with the jazz audiences in New York as a house pianist at Arturo's in Greenwich Village, where she plays five nights a week. She has also performed at Cucina della Fontana every Thursday night in the lounge, at Ecco Italia every weekend, brunch, at Palette every Friday night, at Pacific World seafood restaurant 5 days a week, at Shutter's cafe and at JM Gallery. She also plays at many private parties, weddings and other affairs, such as artist's exhibitions.


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