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Showtime: 12:30AM
Doors Open at 12:00AM

$15.00 $15.00

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DMD: Daru Jones / Marcus Machado / Doug Wimbish
Daru Jones - Drums
Marcus Machado - Guitar
Doug Wimbish - Bass

Rock and Roll. Soul. Jazz. Hip Hop. Rhythm and Blues. While everyone continues to use their gauging barometer readily boxing in creativity to confined spaces, along comes an album to defy the norm. Fusing hip hop, soul and jazz together to create ‘soul hop’, drummer Daru Jones (Jack White, Slum Village, Jamie Lidell), guitarist Marcus Machado (The Family Stand, Kid Capri, Buddy Miles) and bassist Doug Wimbish (Living Colour, Sugarhill Records, Rolling Stones) are combining expertise and influences to create a sound and experience like no other. 3 generations of musicianship and meeting of the minds will bring you Daru, Marcus and Doug, known as the collective DMD.

Daru, Marcus and Doug are each adept and knowledgeable in their individual instrument’s power. Bringing all three of these artists together to collaborate was surely inevitable. Artistically and sonically. “It was another chapter and opportunity to have a voice to express frequencies with,” says Wimbish. “When people have the ability to express themselves in a very open and free way, that’s what I call paradise.” The natural abilities that these artists possess has converged and resulted in a timeless acoustical record. The laidback track “Westcoasting” is a fantastic composition that elicits happiness and takes you back to a fresh 70’s groove, while “The Boom” is a gritty, down and dirty kind of funk and hip hop fusion that rounds up the signature sound of DMD. Channeling the euphoric vibrations of the 60’s era, DMD recorded the album in lo-fi to capture the spur-of-the-moment and masterful sounds of a 60’s rock album. Soul-stirring drum kicks, roaring guitar solos and grooving bass lines are all par for the course. It is an album that revisits the sounds of yesteryear, all the while preserving and respecting the present sound that they have come to personify.

Shunning labels and defying the musical status quo, each artist in DMD provides their own approach and unique perspective to the project. The musical styles visited on the album all merge harmoniously together to create original avenues of expression. ”Right now, I feel it’s something fresh and new to the masses.” states Marcus. It’s almost like having our own genre of music.” What makes this album so special? “It’s the 3 or more important generations of music genres, styles and influences with positive vibrations.” says Daru.

DMD is the reflection of a superb tuneful trifecta. The soulful energy between Daru, Marcus and Doug is undeniable. Their camaraderie and artistry radiates throughout each note. It’s a fantastic blend of sounds that will leave music connoisseurs of all genres wanting for more. There are many ways to describe DMD. It can be heard as soulful, rock and roll. Or, perhaps a timeless retro and organic vibe. However, it would honestly be best for you to come to your own conclusion once you press play on this bold and stylish beauty.

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