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SONI withanEYE ft Guests w/ Band: Album Release
SONI withanEYE - Leader & Vocals
Shirazette Tinnin - Drums
Rony Corcos - Guitar
Mireya Ramos - Violin
Jackie Coleman - Trumpet
Renee Cruz - Bass
Deborah Hawkins - Keyboards
Francesca Guzman, Elizabeth Ochoa, Charles Turner - Background Vocals

Take a look at artists with one-word monikers — Madonna, Prince, Beyonce — and they each have one common thread: possessing a remarkable ability to craft music that the masses are drawn towards. Soni is no different, as the performer’s approach to the worlds of House, R&B & what she calls Hip Rock is one in which her vocals leave listeners enveloped in thought and emotion.

Born and bred in Queens, N.Y., the stalwart entertainer honed her skills in church, singing in the choir during her time as a Catholic school girl. But it was her work tickling the piano keys, coupled with her guitar playing, that proved she had an innate talent to sing and perform, improving on her abilities to command a crowd. Add in the fact that she can also work a room spinning records as a DJ and it’s apparent she is multifaceted in her artistry. Soni, who calls home to the melting pot that is New York City, doesn’t confine herself to the five borough’s though. Just like the color of her hair — an ever changing mix of hues — her location changes from month to month, gaining inspiration for songs overseas and gracing crowds with her stage show in a wide array of cities in Europe. Just like the artists that came before her and inspired who she’s become today — David Bowie, Donna Summer, Ray Baretto, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Led Zepellin, Dinah Washington, the B52’s, Joan Jett and the Beatles – Soni understands that a worldly presence is what defines a true master behind the microphone.

A self-proclaimed “renaissance woman,” the songstress, who’s also dabbled in modeling, marketing, music promotion, has a knack for nourishing the right relationships, earning herself placement on records and collaborations early on in her career working with artists such as Timberland, Bubba Sparxx, Beatnuts to name a few. In 2007, Soni met famed house veteran “Little” Louie Vega, creating a strong working relationship that produced her first single on Vega Records, “Here to Stay.”

While her Puerto Rican roots are showcased in some of her past catalog of music, it’s the present work she’s creating that speaks to her musicianship across a myriad of genres. “I would love for my music to create emotion, joy, consciousness, compassion and influence people,” Soni states.“ There are many different emotions and a strong personality I project through my music, that’s influenced by my experiences, friends and family, as well as the different genres I’ve been exposed to growing up.”Inspired by her father, who played everything from the congas to saxophone and sang doo-wop, Soni moves in the same direction, never allowing herself to be defined or stamped based on one sound. From R&B, Hip Rock with bass to soulful House music, her vocals pique listeners’ interest. Tracks like “Moody 3000” produced by Todd Terry, “Silly Girl” featuring the esteemed Roots’ drummer Questlove and the Raekwon-assisted “Get It Together” attest to that. Currently the face and host of Cypress Hills own’s live broadcast aired weekly “Toca Tuesday”, she interviews her fellow artists and entertains the viewers with her witty style. Now, the chanteuse is crafting her debut album, replete with hip-hop’s boom-bap, the island flavor of reggae, mesmerizing house, classic influence of Rock and the tenderness of R&B. While some may try to throw labels on what her music represents, Soni serves as a music teacher of sorts, defining what she truly is: a versatile force with a voice that touches the soul.

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