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Showtime: 12:30AM
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$15.00 $15.00

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Sadat X (of Brand Nubian) with Live Band

Few artists in hip-hop have afforded the longevity that Sadat X has. Unmoved by an inevitable changing of the guard in Rap, the X-Man remains a beacon of true, un-facsimiled artistry. In so many words, he sits atop the lists of your favorite rappers favorite rapper. Its like his time as a child confined to the other side of the street or his uncles car, watching Cold Crush or Kool Herc park jams, molded Sadat into the respected person & and wholly unique emcee he is today.

A founding member of the legendary Brand Nubian, Sadat X continues to lead the race while many of his peers have long-since passed the torch. Few artists in any genre have achieved the longevity, notoriety, and critical acclaim that Sadat X has earned over the course of his three-decade, 12-album career. Hip-hop heavyweights such as Jay Z, Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Common, MC Lyte, Miguel Migs and even the alt-folk troubadour Jack Johnson, have called upon the Dot Fathers percussive flow and lyrical dexterity to bolster their already iconic outputs. And whether its The Neptunes, DJ Premier or Madlib, any producer worth their salt has built their beats upon Sadat Xs trademark talent.

Between continuing an active music career, Sadat has also done voiceover work for World of Adventure Sports, Aura 360 and 360 Productions Group; and recently has been featured on MTV's MADE (Season 11, Ep. 54); which saw him spend five weeks coaching an aspiring 17-year-old rapper from St. Louis, further earning Sadat rave reviews from both MTV and fans.

Currently Sadat is involved in teaching children, coaching children's basketball for the New York City Basketball League and has worked as an elementary school teacher in the New Rochelle, New York school district. Since his debut solo release of Wild Cowboys (1996), Sadat has released eight solo albums and has leant his voice as a guest artist for numerous Hip Hop artists, including an appearance on the Red Hot Organizations compilation CD, America is Dying Slowly; meant to raise awareness of the AIDS epidemic among African American men in 1996.

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