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Skyzoo with Live Band & Friends

Growing up just a block away from The Notorious B.I.G., watching him go from local corner boy to rap superstar, Skyzoo couldn’t help but dream big. The Brooklyn, NY native saw life in all of its "heaven and hell" juxtaposition, being from the infamous home of both Jay-Z and "Do The Right Thing". He started rapping at age nine, writing about what he witnessed on his daily routines as a child. Those years of observation and living have turned into first person narratives that have labeled Skyzoo as a "new legend" and have led to his albums being critically acclaimed by fans and critics alike. His storytelling has been commended by all walks of literary life, from hip hop royalty to university professors and everyone in between. 

The fan base Skyzoo has been able to acquire stretches from the street to the workplace, from the college hipsters to the women who shop in luxe boutiques, which have all lead to memorable placements in both the hearts of listeners and the eyes of corporate America. From HBO and NBA 2K to ESPN Buffalo Wild Wings, Sky has lucratively brought corporate America along for the Brooklyn ride. Outside of writing music, he's lent his pen to other literary areas, as he's currently pitching a fully scripted television pilot as well as having steadily blogged for basketball powerhouse Slam Magazine, and he's ghostwritten and done song writing for a countless list of Grammy award willing and platinum selling Hip-Hop and R&B artists, and has also done numerous speaking engagements and workshops for Temple University. 

Musically, he’s collaborated with a plethora of artists and producers, including the likes of Jill Scott, Just Blaze, Dr. Dre, Tyrese, Wale, Lloyd Banks, Pete Rock, Jahlil Beats, Illmind, Styles P, John Legend, DJ Khalil, Raheem Devaughn, Talib Kweli, DJ Drama, and Spike Lee, just to name a few. His most recent solo album "Music For My Friends", features Black Thought, Jadakiss, Bilal, and more. As his third solo LP, Sky takes the album to unchartered territories; the world seen through the eyes of a '13 year old Skyler'. Filled with live horn sections, pianists and more, along with the depth story telling that he's made his calling card, the album is another chapter in the book of Skyzoo's legacy. his newest work, "The Easy Truth", a collaborative album from Skyzoo and acclaimed producer Apollo Brown, has been labeled as one of 2016's greatest releases, and Sky wrote it in literally 6 days. The concepts range but are centered around our country's current struggles with police brutality, gentrification and the war on drugs; territory that Skyzoo knows all too familar. 

What stands out most in regards to all of Skyzoo's accomplishments is how they've all come to fruition on account of his own work and will. The embodiment of a DIY attitude, he's achieved his success in the form of truly being an independent artist, thus molding him into so much more. Skyzoo has become known as being the ultimate artist, one able to make classic music with a lasting impact. Listeners can identify with his story, they can see the many sides of themselves in him. No matter the mood, season, or circumstance, Skyzoo offers music to live to, and to live by. The best way to describe him? Ironically, it's noted in a lyric of his own, on his mixtape track "Fulfillment", as the line goes "Half '94 Nas/half '97 Betha", both an homage and testament to how critics and fans alike see him: the storytelling and lyricism of a young Nas, and the style, appeal and marketability of a young Mase. Wonderful company to be amongst by all means. The beauty in it all, is as his slogan goes, "Lyrics Will Never Be The Same".

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