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Showtime: 12:00AM
Doors Open at 12:00AM

$10.00 $10.00

*Day-of-show price is $15*

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Abe Ovadia Quartet

Abe Ovadia has emerged as one of the preeminent guitarists on the New York City jazz scene, and as Musicvox Guitars describes, he is a "Jazz phenom, one of the most innovative guitarists of our time." And also winning best guitarist in the 2016 Hot House Jazz Awards. As Times Square New York City says, "You can always count on him to happily claim the responsibility of playing some world-class jazz." Abe is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and several years after earned his master’s degree in jazz performance from the highly acclaimed jazz program at New York University.

Predominant voices in the industry have recognized Abe's contribution to today's jazz. In 2010, Jeff Levenson of Warner Bros. Records honored Abe as a "Promising Artist of the 21st Century" which lead to an international tour. Since then, Abe has developed a unique identity on the instrument and as a band leader, featuring an innovative and emotionally charged energy that is unrelenting. His music has quickly gained the respect of his peers and jazz veterans alike, such as Grammy-award winning trumpeter, Brian Lynch who said, "It has been very enjoyable to play with him, as well as to perform his original music. He is playing at a world-class level."

In recent years, Abe has formed a trio & quartet that perform regularly in and around New York and the East Coast. The quartet is a platform for Abe’s continual music exploration with a 2015 release of his third album, "Am Home." Each performance includes a deep focus and intensity that is always in service of the music and the exploratory nature of the musicians. Said best by legendary record producer Todd Barkan, "Powerfully lyrical guitarist Abe Ovadia explores the inner and outer frontiers of some the most heartfully expansive music of our age."

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