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Avi Singolda

Born in 1959 in Yeruham to parents of Romanian origin and to a family with a musical background (his father was a wedding player). At the age of six he began to play in mandolin, and at the age of nine in guitar. As a child, he listened to music and practiced techniques such as those he heard in Deep Purple, Kaveret , Beatles , and moree.

During his military service he moved to Tel Aviv. In 1989 he played in the "Black Cat" ensemble that played on Ze'ev Tenne's album (the same name).

In 1991, he joined "Krize", David Krivoshe 's band , and played with Ariel Zilber until 1992 . In 1992, he joined Shlomo Artzi 's band after the release of the album " Yerah ", and since then he has accompanied my country continuously in all his tour and plays in all his albums. Singolda also recorded regularly with Yigal Bashan from the album "Here in the middle of life" ( 1994 ). He makes sure to appear every year at the Ein Gev Festival for the Hebrew singer and accompany the entire show.

Singolda worked with a large number of Israeli artists, including Eyal Golan , Arkady Duchin , Arik Einstein , Nurit Galron , Rita and Sarit Hadad.

Singolda plays mainly on recordings, with a long list of Israeli artists, while he is loyal to Shlomo Artzi only in the area of ​​live performances. In his recordings, Singolda combines many styles, such as classical music , jazz and moree.

Singolda also met producer George Martin of The Beatles , who asked Singolda to join the show he will be conducting, which will show cover versions of the Beatles. Singolda played in this performance a classical guitar solo of " Here Comes the Sun ".

In the world, Singolda has performed with Shlomo Artzi, played many more records, and has also played in world-wide series like Sex and the City.

In 2002 he played in Idan Raichel's project .

Since 2006 he teaches Singolda Guitar at Rimon School.
In 2010 , as part of the Independence Day performance of the MAKO website and the Voice of Israel 's " Network 3 " , Singolda won the first place in a survey of surfers.

In 2011 , he launched the first single "Singolda and Friends", in which he plays the guitar classics he grew up on, including Deep Purple , Gary Moore , Santana , Led Zeppelin , Eric Clapton , Silhouettes , Hive, The Beatles and more. In 2015 , a CD was released, with instrumental pieces (the Apache of the shadows and a string of "Kaveret"), and contains songs by Mika Sadeh , Gilan Shahaf and Karen Tenenbaum. Among them is Naomi, who accompanies the songs by playing violin and background singing.

Singolda works extensively with artists in the field of Hasidic music and collaborates with musicians and producers in this field, among them Mona Rosenblum and Yosef Moshe Kahana . He appeared in the " Carlebach Tales Collection " and collaborated with Rabbi Shabtai Sabato in the production of the CDs "The Songs of His Priest".

Singolda married the Zohar in 1981 . The couple has two sons - Roy, a doctor, and Adam, the founder and CEO of Taboola, a high-tech company that recommends content on the Internet

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