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Showtime: 11:30AM
Doors Open at 10:30AM

n/a $35.00

Photo Credit: Arilda McClive

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Nanny Assis & Friends

**Price includes brunch, music and a drink.**

Nanny Assis was born in the northeastern Brazilian city of Salvador, Bahia, in 1969. One of Brazil’s first cities, with predominant African influences, Salvador is the birthplace of some of the country’s most remarkable music creations. That, in part, explains why Nanny has music running through his veins, making him an outstanding singer, a terrific drummer/percussionist, and a talented songwriter who has broadly touched hearts and souls through musical expressions that go beyond comprehension.

Anybody who sees Nanny performing immediately feels that music for him is more than just a career. Somewhat, it is how he translates rhythms and notes into pure essence – often snatching audiences away, and other times energizing them enough so they can stand up and dance “and sweat until you can’t sweat no more,” like Bob Marley once said. His ability to make any kind of music sound smooth makes Nanny a notable and gifted artist. And that’s what he is, a gifted artist.

Nanny’s appeal and personality have brought him to several parts of the world, where, regardless of the venue, he has deeply touched people through his music. After 1999, when he moved to New York City – where he is now well known and has established weekly presentations in some of the city’s illustrious venues –, Nanny has made presentations all over Europe, including Italy, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and England. Very honorably, Nanny once performed at Queen Elizabeth’s Hall, in London. For him, though, it does not make a difference the stage on which he is playing. If it is the main ground of an impressive setting or a cozy small venue, he dedicates the same amount of talent and respect for his audiences. That in itself singles him out.

In New York City, his artistic hub, Nanny has made presentations at Birdland, Zinc Bar, B.B. King and Blue Note. For the past decade, he is the sole voice on Sundays at SOB’s, with his traditional brunch concert at one venue that’s known for opening the doors for Brazilian music. Nanny has also enchanted audiences around the City with great presentations at Jazz Standard, Red Rooster and Joe’s Pub. It is amazing how Nanny adds beat to the Forro dance, an already stirring Brazilian rhythm, so as to entice Brazilians and foreigners to mingle themselves equally, body with body, “levantando poeira,” or sweeping dust out of the floor, as the Brazilians prefer to say it.

Nanny Assis says his “music is the mirror of his inner expressions.” Really, listening to Nanny is like seeing beyond himself and his voice straight up to his soul. Years ago, that was also what endeared him to Cidinho Teixeira, Morrie Louden, Michael Leonhert, Leo Gandelman, Helio Alves, Melvin Gibbs, Arto Lindsay, Romero Lubambo, Cyro Baptista, Michael Walz, Ed Mota, Arthur Lipner, Joe Carter, Oriente Lopez and numerous other artists who have participated in his brilliant career.


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