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Dinner at: 12:30AM
Doors Open at 12:00AM

$10.00 $10.00

*Day-of-show price is $15*

Jeremiah Hosea

Jeremiah Hosea is a dynamic and experienced New York-based bassist, vocalist and producer who thrives on creation and collaboration. His approach to music is as a universal form of communication through which he strives to build as diverse and meaningful a career as possible.

The connection to sound was cultivated early in his youth, as he would often attend performances at Carnegie Hall with his mother as a toddler. He would sit, enraptured with the music. It wasn’t until he reached his teens that he found the strong bond with the electric bass via his supernatural connection to the music of legend Jimi Hendrix.
Drawing deeply on his familial roots, his experience as a bassist and his radical political convictions, Hosea founded Earthdriver the Mothership band in 1999 and the progeny of that project became (an artist and activist collective/record label dedicated to showcasing and facilitating socially relevant, diverse musical acts) in 2008. This helped to immerse Hosea in various roles and become different versions of his creative self: singer, producer, bassist, activist and more. He has co-produced five albums including Sharrif Simmons' Echo Effect, The self-titled album by Sugabush, Earthdriver and No One's Slave by Earthdriver and Jeremiah Hosea's own "trippy exploration" entitled Ambient Bass Vol.1.

His electrified soul, deep commitment to communication and out of this world vision through song is just the beginning of Jeremiah Hosea's artistic sojourn. His radical politics, martial artistry, and musicianship are convening to coalesce a new and meaningful sound which brings together all the talents he has cultivated in his lifetime.


Blue Note
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