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Dinner at: 6:30PM
Doors Open at 6:00PM

Reserving a ticket for Pat Martino @ 8PM gives you access to Zayn Mohammed Organ Trio @ 6:30PM

Emerging Artist Series: Zayn Mohammed Organ Trio

The Blue Note Emerging Artist Series is designed to give young up and coming musicians the opportunity to perform at the Blue Note as an opening act for our jazz legends. The opening act performance will go from 6:30PM - 7:30PM and will provide access to Pat Martino's 8:00PM set at no additional cost.

ď...and now Iím mentoring a young wonderful guitarist who is in the same category of brilliance, Zayn Mohammed, a brilliant guitarist, graduate from Berklee, London born and heís one of the three that are making, and approaching that level that Iím talking aboutÖĒ
Ė Ahmad Jamal

Zayn Mohammed, NY based multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer was born & raised in London, England finished his latter schooling in Dubai, (United Arab Emirates) where his family relocated when he was 16. Upon discovering Flamenco guitar & his passion for music at the tender age of three, itís clear that his life has been dedicated to his art & craft. Zayn played exclusively Flamenco guitar up to 11 years of age, where the goal was to aspire to the Oud, to play Turkish & Arabic maqam music.

A detour or change in direction occurred when Zayn discovered the music of his Uncle, Pittsburgh-born Jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal. It was largely due to Jamalís music Ė the textural individuality, subtlety and sophistication, uniquely delicate, yet strong, bold sound that Zayn uncontrollably leant towards picking up Jazz guitar. Unaware of the wildly different, artistic musical journey this would lead him on, he embraced the eclectic musical horizons it would guide him towards. After much experimenting, refining, & a huge number of musical curiosities/hungers, & after breaking hearts of multiple classical music teachers(!), Zayn decided to cultivate himself at Berklee college of Music, Boston. Since arriving at the renowned music school in 2009, Zayn has expanded his musical palette further & has honed in on his musical voice, one it seems he had been searching for Ė In early 2012, Zayn was accepted to and became an essential addition to the prestigious Berklee Global Jazz institute run by award winning pianist & composer, Danilo Perez. Here he was also instructed by many great musicians & teachers such as Wayne Shorter, Fred Hersch, Joe Lovano, Ben Street, David Gilmore & John Patitucci amongst others.

Zaynís boundless musicality navigates through a myriad of instruments & musical-genres, with a particular penchant for World Music & Jazz/Jazz-Fusion. Zayn has been honored to play & share the stage with Guitarist - Lee Ritenour, Soul & Gospel Singer - Oleta Adams, where he performed at the Beantown Jazz festival, Saxophonist - Wayne Shorter at the Berklee Performance Centre, French jazz singer - Anne Ducros, drummer for Marcus Miller - Louis Cato, Funk Organist - Cory Henry, Rnb Singer - Jesse Boykins, Hiphop act and Nephew to Whitney Houston - Gary Michael Houston, & many more. In the last decade, Zayn has caught up slightly with himself & managed still, whilst balancing his education, musical degree & administrative duties, to teach him self his true passions; the Oud (Turkish Lute), Baglama, and Sarod (plucked stringed instrument, one of the most important instruments in Indian classical music). In doing so, Zayn often treats his listener to fresh new tones and ideas by finding innovate, tasteful ways to incorporate the sounds of his cultures into the music he loves & aspires to. Wearing many hats at once, Zayn has a secret love for producing retro Ďpopí and funk music, in light of his biggest artistic inspiration, Michael Jackson. He is a keen bass player. Zayn recently opened for Bass Legend Stanley Clarke, continues to push his musical boundaries and is well on his way to making his mark in the music world.


Blue Note
131 W. 3rd St
New York, NY 10012

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