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Showtime: 10:30PM
Doors Open at 9:45PM

$15.00 $20.00

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Revive Big Band
Sharel Cassity, alto sax
Tia Fuller alto sax
Patience Higgins bari sax
Tivon Pennicott, tenor sax
Corey 'Ck' King, trombone
James Rodgers, bass trombone
Ryan Resky, trumpet
Lee Hogans, trumpet
Jonathan Powell, trumpet
Mark Whitfield, guitar
Raymond Angry, keys
James Williams, drums
Jonathan M. Michel, bass
Raydar Ellis, vocals
and special guest
Chris Turner, vocals

If the Revive Da Live Big Band is a "19-piece jazz army" (Complex Magazine), then what is their fight? Formed in 2010, the Big Band began as a "wouldn't it be cool if..." kind of idea, where composer, arranger and trumpeter Igmar Thomas wanted to unite generations of like-minded musicians in presenting a new age of big bands. The project has grown to become one of the most exciting and imaginative bands big or otherwise in New York.

The musical styles, experience, and tastes of Revive's members vary widely, but their collective mission is the same. "We're carrying on, within the tradition of big bands, what would be relevant today," Thomas says. "[We're] modifying the message and making it translatable, accessible to the people, so that they have something relevant to grasp on to. It represents that little bridge."

Revive's repertoire is an authentic gumbo, featuring original compositions by Thomas, as well as epic orchestrations of selected productions from different producers and notable hip-hop songs combined with the original sampled jazz record, all re-imagined and arranged into original works for a big band.

"Our voice is one that has a foot deeply placed in the jazz roots and the tradition of that, la Dizzy Gillespie and Count Basie but also, another foot deeply invested in 2012, and so on. That's the direction: Dizzy, Dilla, and us," declares Thomas.

Revive Big Band's past performances include a tribute to A Tribe Called Quest featuring Jarobi (ATCQ), Buckshot, Dres, DJ Logic, and many more; a celebration of the life of legendary emcee Guru, featuring DJ Premier, Roy Hargrove, and guests; and the group's first big band performance in 2010, which featured Nicholas Payton and Talib Kweli.


Blue Note
131 W. 3rd St
New York, NY 10012

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