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Showtime: 12:30AM
Doors Open at 12:00AM

$10.00 $10.00

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Al MacDowell's "Just Ornette" Quartet w/ Jay Rodriguez
Al MacDowell, bass
Other musicians, TBA

Special guest,
Jay Rodriguez, sax

A N.Y. born musician Al MacDowell has spent most of his passionate music career dedicated and devouted to expanding the limits of American jazz culture in the school of harmolodic music, under the paternal wings of it's unique creator, jazz saxaphonist,alto and tenor, violinist, trumpeter, composer master, Ornette Coleman. Playing his bass like a lead intsrument, has placed him in the generation of bassists, like Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorius.

From the age of 6 years, he studied classical piano throughout his youth and up and through his second year at Music and Art high school, where in his freshman year it became compulsory to adopt a second musical instrument, so he chose the double bass, which he played for two years in classical orchestral performances, until later, he switched to the electric bass and a jazz format. At this time, in search for a electric bassist, Ornette Coleman at Music and Art high school, was referred to the emerging talent of Al, who at 15, was invited to join the illustrious legacy and evolution of "...contributing to the beauty of the world and to mankinds environment and the understanding of life" as Ornettes bassist, where he has remained longer than any other musician.

In the world of the master alchemist, Ornette Coleman,where harmony, movement of sound and melody all share the same value, so that the resulting music is not constrained by tonal limatations, rythmic pre- determination, or harmonic rules, You witness a music extravaganza, a conversation of of intimacy, a developed seasoned rapport, creating a attentive, free spirited, complex of clear, distinct separation of tones, that pushes the Quartet to lofty heights, forging a unique and potent alchemy, where the perfoming artists stay in the moment with spontaneous inspiring orginality, while exacting a keen dicipline, while the audience and the tunes themselves force you to play at the peak of your ability and self reliance, always delivering fresher, "...Because it exist...".

A two bass team, never getting in each others way, because there're in entirely different ranges, Tony Falanga's darkly resonant, 100-plus year old Tyrolean double bass, hovers in the low register, while Al MacDowell's piccolo bass resonates in the midrange, each maintain, sustains, clarity and clean separation of tones,while searching for the majesty within the fabric and the context of the weave... of the Harmolodic universe.

On piano, Pete Drungle, a Bessie award winning composer,who's created music with the Kronos Quartet, Yoko Ono, The Decoding Society, and others, and collaborations with performing artists.

Tony Lewis, a veteran N.Y. born musician, and graduate of Music and Art high school, and an original member of "The Just Ornette Quartet," who has played with Dizzy Gillespie,B.B.King, Special E.F.X., Chi-Lites, Cyndi Lauper.


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