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Showtime: 8:00PM
Doors Open at 6:00PM

$15.00 $25.00

Tonight's show is a DOUBLE FEATURE which will give you access to both groups of artists during each set for the price of one show.

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Karrin Allyson + Raul Midón
Karrin Allyson, vocals and piano
Rod Fleeman, guitar
Steve Nelson, vibraphone
Ed Howard, bass
Todd Strait, drums


Raul Midón, guitar and vocals


Karrin Allyson moves with ease and authority from the Great American Songbook of Gershwin and Porter to the Great American Jazz Songbook of Duke and Thelonious and Miles and Dizzy, jet-setting to Rio and Paris and swinging back home to pick up Bonnie Raitt and Joni Mitchell and Jimmy Webb. A multiple Grammy nominee, Karrin Allyson lives in New York City, following a childhood in the Midwest, schooling in the Bay Area, a degree in classical piano performance and important stints in Minneapolis and Kansas City, where she began her recording career with Concord Jazz. Karrin currently spends two days out of three on tour, playing the major jazz festivals, concert venues and clubs of the U.S. and making repeated tours overseas — to Brazil, Japan, Australia and the great cities of Europe. With thirteen albums to her name, Karrin is known as a great bandleader and one of the great pleasures of the current scene is listening to her highly developed interplay with her bandmates — it sounds so effortless — but it conceals the deep musical sophistication. This is one of Allyson’s great achievements — the result of working for more than a decade with an ensemble of fearless and powerfully committed jazz virtuosi.



“A free man beyond any category” (Huffington Post) best describes the unique musician that is blind singer songwriter guitarist Raul Midón.

His singular timeless soul pop jazz sound garnered him a standing ovation during his television debut on Letterman and an open invitation back to Leno following his appearances there. This talented, mesmerizing genre-defying artist has travelled the globe from India to Indiana spreading the message that you can do it, you can be yourself and be recognized and be bold.

With three major label records under his belt “State of Mind,” “A World Within A World,” and “Synthesis” and countless appearances both on television worldwide and on other artist’s records he is a pro and more a part of the musical landscape than you might realize. Not only have the music lovers of the world recognized Raul’s specialness so have some of the greatest musicians in recent history. You might have seen Raul featured in the recent documentary on Bill Withers “Still Bill” or in the Herbie Hancock documentary “Possibilities” or the documentary of the legendary producer Arif Mardin “All My Friends Are Here” where he declares that Raul is the only artist he ever signed to a label.

His musical collaborations have also been broad and varied from a duet with Jason Mraz to a live recording with bass legend and producer Marcus Miller to playing The Budakan with Roberta Flack. People Magazine calls him an “eclectic adventurist” and the New York Times an “unreconstructed hippy.” Guitar magazine describes him as “One of those rare musical forces that reminds us how strong and deep the connection between man and music can sometimes be.” Midón will delight you with his wit, his musical virtuosity all a result of his dedication to being the best he can be.


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